Book summary: Osamase Ekhator's second book,
"I AM YOU", attempts to answer the question of what it means to be a "man" in America, through a Black lens. "I AM YOU" also focuses on three themes: love, religion, and social injustice.

Film summary: “Darren” follows two black teenage males as they try to navigate their way through stereotypes that they are guilty of perpetuating at times, temptations from a seductive/toxic woman named A.M. Erica (America), and the inevitable reality of death.




Tiffany James, Founder Of Modernblkgirl, Is Making The World Of Trading And Investment Accessible To Women Of Color.


Dew Media Production is an independent media production company that is fundraising to produce a documentary film about the arts finding a home in Africa! Dew Media will be producing this feature-length documentary in the summer of 2023. This film is about a man named Billy Osemwegie (The owner of the largest art collection in West Africa) from Benin city, Nigeria who has curated Nigeria’s First Fine Arts Museum. The funding for this film will help the filmmakers travel to Africa and film the countries traditional culture, the incredible people involved in the creation of the museum, some of the artist behind the works and the museum founder who sought out to bring the arts to Africa! We will document and share the incredibly inspirational 10+ year journey to bring Africa into the world of fine arts, as it unfolds before the world and Nigerian public for the first time!


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